About Me

Hi, I’m Alex Haydock. I am a recent Master in Law graduate with a particular interest in digital rights and civil liberties, and the regulation of technology and the internet. I currently work for the Open Rights Group as a legal intern.

I also spend time organising events and meetups for people interested in digital security, privacy and anonymity. Recently, these events have included a series of CryptoParties in the North East of England — free workshops that teach practical cryptography and digital security to members of the public.

I am also active personally on Twitter, on GitHub and occasionally on Medium.

Contact Me

I can be contacted at alex@alexhaydock.co.uk

My preferred method of contact is via Signal, or encrypted email sent to the above address. Please email me if you wish to request my Signal number.

PGP Keys

For encrypted mail, you may import my public key from this site, or from MIT’s public keyserver.

Alex Haydock <alex@alexhaydock.co.uk>
Key-ID: CC0F0336
Fingerprint: 4C1B 4DC7 97D2 44ED 0CE5 E68F 991B 5784 CC0F 0336

For anyone wishing to learn more about the process of sending and receiving encrypted mail, this guide offers an easy-to-follow introduction for users who are new to PGP.